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Predictions made by Marco Ciavolino

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right-wing Christocrat

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Marco Ciavolino Predictions
#1:   Entered by Bucinka (2) on 5/23/2011  »  Reference URL
Date Made:3/20/2007 [Outcome will be known by 11/5/2008]
Prediction:In the waning days of the 08 presidential election the Republicans will demonstrate the frailty of the Dem platform and sweep the Whitehouse and hill.
Prediction Description:No. If Marco made it, not only is it a warped fantasy out of his own head, and wrong, it is wholly uninteresting.
Outcome Description:Marco lives in a Biblical fantasy world where everyone in America shares his vision of a right-wing Christocracy. Hey Marco, guess what: The Bible is not our Constitution. You wanna live in a theocracy, go move to Saudi Arabia or Iran or something.

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