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Predictions made by Marco Ciavolino

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Marco Ciavolino Predictions
#1:   Entered by mciavolino (2) on 3/20/2007
Date Made:3/20/2007 [Outcome will be known by 11/4/2008]
Prediction:In the waning days of the '08 presidential election the Republicans will demonstrate the frailty of the Dem platform and sweep the Whitehouse and hill.
#2:   Entered by rapture9999 (1) on 5/23/2011
Date Made:6/1/1999
Prediction:Someday I will run a successful company.
Prediction Description:Marco helped screw over his own company by being an annoying pain in the butt.
Outcome Description:He sold his company (basically gave it away) to a moron who thereafter referred to him as TFM - "That ******* Marco"

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