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Who's Wrong: Predictions made by Felix Scott

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Predictions made by Felix Scott

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I am 61 and will be 62 if I live to see November 2012. I will be applying for Social Security at 75% of what is due to me at 62.

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Felix Scott Predictions
#1:   Entered by flextones (2) on 11/25/2011
Date Made:11/25/2011 [Outcome will be known by 11/30/2012]
Prediction:The rules for retirees will be changed before I turn 62.
Prediction Description:I am either going to get less money or they are going to move the age I can get social security up.
Outcome Description:I do not like they way they are playing around with the money I worked for when I was working. I have no guarantee that I will live long enough to spend any of it.

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