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Who's Wrong: Predictions made by Cris Collinsworth

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Predictions made by Cris Collinsworth

Description of Cris Collinsworth » Group News Media
A regular on "Inside the NFL," a weekly show on HBO.

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Total Known Predictions 3
Percent right 0% (0 Right, 3 Wrong, 0 Pending)

Cris Collinsworth Predictions
#1:   Entered by gneiss (22) on 1/20/2007  »  Reference URL
Date Made:1/17/2007 [Outcome will be known by 1/21/2007]
Prediction:The winning teams in the NFL Playoffs on January 21, 2007, will be Chicago and New England.
#2:   Entered by gneiss (22) on 2/1/2007  »  Reference URL
Date Made:1/31/2007 [Outcome will be known by 2/4/2007]
Prediction:The Chicago Bears will win the Super Bowl.
#3:   Entered by cwreich (1) on 12/30/2007
Date Made:12/6/2007
Prediction:washington redskins stood no chance of making the playoffs

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