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Who's Wrong: Predictions made by Bill Gates

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Predictions made by Bill Gates

Description of Bill Gates » Group Corporate Executives
Founder of Microsoft and world's richest person.

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Total Known Predictions 5
Percent right 25% (1 Right, 3 Wrong, 1 Pending)

Bill Gates Predictions
#1:   Entered by lhazlette (36) on 12/30/2006  »  Reference URL
Date Made:1/15/2004
Prediction:In January 2004, Gates said "Two years from now, spam will be solved."
Prediction Description:Made the prediction at the 2004 World Economic Forum in Switzerland.
Outcome Description:Spam is definitely NOT solved. Sorry Bill.
#2:   Entered by alex (135) on 11/27/2006
Date Made:10/2/2006
Prediction:It'd be a good idea to create a Microsoft competitor to the iPod and enter the mp3 gadget space.
Prediction Description:Microsoft created the Zune mp3 player to compete head-to-head with Apple's iPod.
#3:   Entered by alex (135) on 1/2/2007  »  Reference URL
Date Made:11/1/1996
Prediction:Gates predicts the concept of video-on-demand.
Prediction Description:In his book The Road Ahead, published in November 1996, he said "After they air, these [television] shows – as well as thousand of movies and virtually all other kinds of video – will be available whenever you want to view them."
#4:   Entered by alex (135) on 11/26/2006
Date Made:4/10/2001
Prediction:In 2001, Bill Gates predicted the tablet PC would be the most popular form of PC sold in America.
Prediction Description:Gates showed prototype Tablet PCs at the Comdex show in Las Vegas in 2001 - a year ahead of their 2002 launch - and at the show said in a company news release, 'It's a PC that is virtually without limits and within five years I predict it will be the most popular form of PC sold in America.'
Outcome Description:The Tablet PC has managed to do only marginally better than the now defunct Comdex trade show he originally made the announcement at. A handful of vendors market Tablet PCs, but specialist markets like health care account for a large percentage of sales. Other users and those in business have yet to take to the form-factor in a big way.
#5:   Entered by alex (135) on 11/26/2006
Date Made:8/2/1981
Prediction:640K ought to be enough for anybody.
Prediction Description:Believed to be an urban legend, but some still believe.
Outcome Description:Modern computers come equipped with over 1000 times the 640K memory barrier that Gates alledgedly alluded to.

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