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2007 Notable Predictions Round-up

Posted Jan 4, 2007 by Alex

The predictions for 2007 are in full swing right now, and there's no shortage of doozies. A few of the interesting ones:

  • Wired Magazine is predicting the Google stock will hit $1,000, 80% of internet traffic will be P2P & Skype traffic, HD-DVD will win the format war over Sony's Blu-Ray, and Yahoo CEO Terry Semel will quit.
  • writer David Ewalt is predicting that the newly elected democratic congress will pass net neutrality legislation, and that Apple will release a highly successful iPhone that combines mp3+phone technology.
  • Televangelist Pat Robertson is predicting a massive terrorist attack against the US in 2007.
  • The crystal balls at Sports Illustrated have been working overtime, with 31 total predictions for 2007! Among them -- Oracle CEO Larry Ellison will buy the 49ers, the Red Sox will sign Roger Clemens in 2007, the Timberwolves will trade Kevin Garnett, and the L.A. Galaxy will sign David Beckham.

Who's Wrong will track the progress of these predictions throughout the year.