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Accountability for prediction makers

Stock Market Analysts

Analysts are paid to make reliable predictions on whether a stock price will go up or down over time. Analysts making upgrades or downgrades can build or crush momentum. Which analysts are the most accurate?

# Name Description
1 Barron's Magazine Barron's is a magazine that focuses on finance.
2 CIBC World Markets CIBC World Markets is a large bank providing stock analyst services, among other things.
3 Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank is a multinational banking behemoth.
4 Citigroup Inc Citigroup is a massive bank.
5 Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley is a massive bank.
6 UBS Bank UBS is a huge bank.
7 Prudential Inc Prudential is a huge bank and insurance company.
8 Jim Cramer Jim Cramer is a stock market guru with a flair for showmanship. His most popular outlet is a TV show on CNBC entited Mad Money. He also hosts a radio show and has several books. Harvard educated and formerly worked at Goldman Sachs.
9 JP Morgan JP Morgan is an investment bank/brokerage house.
10 Fortune Magazine Finance Magazine

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