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Accountability for prediction makers

Sports Media

The 'journalists' that cover sports deserve their own category, since they constantly make predictions covering games and athletes. TV and radio sports personalities are in particular need of accountability for their predictions since they tend to make s

# Name Description
1 Lee Corso Lee Corso is a TV sports analyst for ESPN. Lee works on ESPN's College Gameday and has a cult-like following due to his lovable nature. When predicting the outcome of a game, he'll usually wear a piece of the winning mascot's clothing.
2 Dennis Dodd Senior Writer
3 Joe Theismann Game announcer for ESPN and former Redskins quarterback.
4 ESPN Accuscore ESPN Accuscore is a system ESPN employs to pick winners for football games. Through week 12 of the 2006 NFL season, it's outpicked all ESPN's human predictors.
5 Mark Schlereth Mark is a sports analyst for ESPN.
6 Chris Mortensen Chris is an NFL analyst for ESPN.
7 Sean Salisbury Sean is an NFL analyst for ESPN.
8 Merril Hoge Merril is an NFL analyst for ESPN.
9 Ron Jaworski Former NFL quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, Ron is now an NFL analyst for ESPN.
10 Mike Golic Former lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL, Mike is now an NFL analyst for ESPN and is part of the Mike & Mike radio show.
11 Jay Mariotti Jay is a sports writer for the Chicago Sun Times.
12 Rick Telander Rick is a sports writer for the Chicago Sun Times.
13 Bill Simmons Bill is a sports writer for and ESPN The Magazine. A huge Boston sports fan, he has a massive following due to his hilarious stories and quirky style. A fan's fan.
14 Ben Smith Ben Smith has been covering sports in Fort Wayne, Indiana, since 1986. He writes for the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette.
15 Sports Illustrated Sports magazine.
16 Jay Novacek Jay Novacek is a former NFL tight end who played for the Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Cardinals. He's a five-time pro bowler and now makes NFL game predictions on
17 Mike Francesa WFAN sports-show host
18 Chris Mad Dog Russo Co-host of WFAN sports show

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