Who's Wrong

Accountability for prediction makers


These people didn't nicely fit into any of the other categories of people.

# Name Description
1 John Battelle Search engine guru and host of the popular trade show Search Engine Strategies (SES). John runs a very popular blog at http://battellemedia.com.
2 Jeff Burchell Former writer for Wired, current strategy consultant to startups. Guest writer for onstartups.com and Wired Minds.
3 Pat Robertson God tells him that a terrorist attack on the United States will result in "mass killing" after September in 2007.
4 Pat Robertson Nutjob TV Preacher, host of the 700 club
5 William Hill Company British bookmaking firm
6 Jeremy Botter Blogger who can be found at http://jbotter.com/
7 Steve Doe Me.
8 Regis Philbin Celebrated talk show host.
9 Paul Begala Political contributor and Democratic strategist on CNN's The Situation Room.
10 Miki Turner Freelance writer/producer in Los Angeles
11 safdar faisal hhe is not famous

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