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Who's Wrong

Accountability for prediction makers

News Media

You'd think that people with the best access to news, such as reporters, journalists, news anchors, etc, would be able to make the most accurate predictions. After all, they have the most information to base their predictions on. But how do they fare?

# Name Description
1 Wired Magazine Technology magazine
2 Paul Murphy Paul is a blogger on
3 Heise Security Heise Security is a website focused on computer security, viruses, malware, trojans, etc. Located at
4 Chicago Tribune The Chicago Tribune is a well-respected right-leaning newspaper based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Their website is
5 David Ewalt David is a technology writer for
6 Tom Fredrickson Journalist for Crain's New York Business
7 John McLaughlin Host of the weekly political commentary show The McLaughlin Group
8 Eleanor Clift Newsweek columnist and regular panelist on The McLaughlin Group
9 Tony Blankley Editorial Page Editor of the Washington Times and regular panelist on The McLaughlin Group
10 Mort Zuckerman Editor-in-Chief of U.S. News & World Report and regular panelist on The McLaughlin Group
11 Norm Ornstein Ornstein, Resident Scholar of the American Enterprise Institute, made the following prediction on a guest appearance on The McLaughlin Group:
12 Michael Riedel Theater columnist, New York Post newspaper
13 People Magazine Weekly magazine
14 Pat Buchanan Formerly ran for U.S. President, Pat Buchanan appears often on MSNBC and is a regular panelist on The McLaughlin Group.
15 Chuck Todd Editor-in-Chief of "The Hotline" and frequent political analyst on MSNBC's "Hardball."
16 Robert X. Cringley Robert is the writer and host of PBS's miniseries "Electric Money." He also is a former Infoworld writer and popular futurist, making many predictions every year. His website can be found at
17 Bob Costas Host of "Inside the NFL," a weekly show on HBO.
18 Cris Collinsworth A regular on "Inside the NFL," a weekly show on HBO.
19 Cris Carter A regular commentator on "Inside the NFL," a weekly show on HBO.
20 Dan Marino A regular commentator on "Inside the NFL," a weekly show on HBO.
21 Cynthia Tucker Editorial Page Editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
22 David Brooks Columnist for the New York Times
23 Howard Fineman Senior Washington Correspondent for Newsweek and frequent guest on The Chris Matthews Show (NBC)
24 Gloria Borger National Political Correspondent for CBS News and frequent guest on The Chris Matthews Show.
25 Mike Lupica Lupica writes a column on sports and politics for the New York Daily News.
26 Norah O'Donnell Chief Washington Correspondent for NBC
27 Joe Klein Time magazine columnist
28 Clarence Page Columnist for the Chicago Tribune
29 TV Guide Magazine Weekly publication covering entertainment news and celebrities
30 Chris Matthews Host of Hardball on MSNBC and The Chris Matthews Show
31 Stuart Levine Senior Editor of Variety
32 Patrick Enright Patrick Enright is a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in, Mr. Showbiz, Wall of Sound, and Seattle Weekly.
33 David Carr Carr is the The Carpetbagger: the Oscar blogger for the New York Times.

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