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Who's Wrong

Accountability for prediction makers

List of All Prediction-Makers in Who's Wrong

These folks are getting a dose of accountability

Name   Predictions   Group   Description  
1 ESPN Accuscore 9 [5/4/0] Sports Media ESPN Accuscore is a system ESPN employs to pick winners for football games. Through week 12 of the 2006 NFL season, it's outpicked all ESPN's human predictors.
2 Deutsche Bank 2 [0/1/1] Stock Market Analysts Deutsche Bank is a multinational banking behemoth.
3 UBS Bank 1 [0/0/1] Stock Market Analysts UBS is a huge bank.
4 John Battelle 1 [0/1/0] Other Search engine guru and host of the popular trade show Search Engine Strategies (SES). John runs a very popular blog at
5 Paul Begala 1 [1/0/0] Other Political contributor and Democratic strategist on CNN's The Situation Room.
6 Tony Blankley 2 [1/1/0] News Media Editorial Page Editor of the Washington Times and regular panelist on The McLaughlin Group
7 Gloria Borger 2 [0/0/2] News Media National Political Correspondent for CBS News and frequent guest on The Chris Matthews Show.
8 Jeremy Botter 2 [1/1/0] Other Blogger who can be found at
9 David Brooks 1 [0/0/1] News Media Columnist for the New York Times
10 Pat Buchanan 3 [1/0/2] News Media Formerly ran for U.S. President, Pat Buchanan appears often on MSNBC and is a regular panelist on The McLaughlin Group.
11 Jeff Burchell 11 [2/0/9] Other Former writer for Wired, current strategy consultant to startups. Guest writer for and Wired Minds.
12 David Carr 16 [12/4/0] News Media Carr is the The Carpetbagger: the Oscar blogger for the New York Times.
13 Cris Carter 2 [1/1/0] News Media A regular commentator on "Inside the NFL," a weekly show on HBO.
14 Marco Ciavolino 1 [0/0/0] Politicians right-wing Christocrat
15 Marco Ciavolino 2 [0/0/1] Politicians .
16 Eleanor Clift 1 [0/1/0] News Media Newsweek columnist and regular panelist on The McLaughlin Group
17 Lisa Collins 1 [0/0/1] Everyday Joes Lisa is always right about stuff.
18 Cris Collinsworth 3 [0/2/0] News Media A regular on "Inside the NFL," a weekly show on HBO.
19 William Hill Company 1 [0/1/0] Other British bookmaking firm
20 Lee Corso 5 [1/3/1] Sports Media Lee Corso is a TV sports analyst for ESPN. Lee works on ESPN's College Gameday and has a cult-like following due to his lovable nature. When predicting the outcome of a game, he'll usually wear a piece of the winning mascot's clothing.
21 Bob Costas 2 [1/1/0] News Media Host of "Inside the NFL," a weekly show on HBO.
22 Jim Cramer 2 [0/0/2] Stock Market Analysts Jim Cramer is a stock market guru with a flair for showmanship. His most popular outlet is a TV show on CNBC entited Mad Money. He also hosts a radio show and has several books. Harvard educated and formerly worked at Goldman Sachs.
23 Robert X. Cringley 1 [0/0/1] News Media Robert is the writer and host of PBS's miniseries "Electric Money." He also is a former Infoworld writer and popular futurist, making many predictions every year. His website can be found at
24 Dennis Dodd 1 [1/0/0] Sports Media Senior Writer
25 Steve Doe 1 [0/0/1] Other Me.
26 Roger Ebert 10 [4/5/1] Actors & Movie Critics Roger is a movie critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, who also has a TV show called "Ebert & Roeper".
27 Albert Einstein 2 [0/1/0] Scientists Albert is widely known as one of the greatest physicists of all time. He is probably best known for the Theory of Relativity and specifically, mass-energy equivalence: E=mc2.
28 Patrick Enright 2 [1/0/1] News Media Patrick Enright is a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared in, Mr. Showbiz, Wall of Sound, and Seattle Weekly.
29 David Ewalt 3 [0/0/3] News Media David is a technology writer for
30 safdar faisal 1 [0/0/0] Other hhe is not famous
31 Howard Fineman 1 [0/0/1] News Media Senior Washington Correspondent for Newsweek and frequent guest on The Chris Matthews Show (NBC)
32 Mike Francesa 1 [1/0/0] Sports Media WFAN sports-show host
33 Tom Fredrickson 1 [0/0/1] News Media Journalist for Crain's New York Business
34 Brad Garlinghouse 1 [0/0/1] Corporate Executives Brad Garlinghouse is a senior vice president at Yahoo!
35 Ty Gaston 1 [0/1/0] Sports Handicappers Ty is a professional handicapper who makes sports predictions for a living on his website
36 Bill Gates 5 [1/3/1] Corporate Executives Founder of Microsoft and world's richest person.
37 Mike Golic 5 [2/3/0] Sports Media Former lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL, Mike is now an NFL analyst for ESPN and is part of the Mike & Mike radio show.
38 Ed Gonzalez 2 [1/1/0] Actors & Movie Critics Gonzalez is the head film critic of Slant Magazine.
39 John Hartl 1 [1/0/0] Actors & Movie Critics The film critic for MSNBC
40 Merril Hoge 1 [0/1/0] Sports Media Merril is an NFL analyst for ESPN.
41 Sports Illustrated 31 [1/0/30] Sports Media Sports magazine.
42 Citigroup Inc 1 [0/0/1] Stock Market Analysts Citigroup is a massive bank.
43 Prudential Inc 1 [0/0/1] Stock Market Analysts Prudential is a huge bank and insurance company.
44 Bryce James 1 [0/0/0] Everyday Joes What can I say? Returning to school to get a degree to back up what I already know. I.E. I have what it takes, I just need what it takes. I'm using this site as a spring board to prove it!
45 Ron Jaworski 2 [1/1/0] Sports Media Former NFL quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, Ron is now an NFL analyst for ESPN.
46 Joe Klein 1 [0/0/1] News Media Time magazine columnist
47 Stuart Levine 1 [1/0/0] News Media Senior Editor of Variety
48 Erik Lundegaard 1 [0/1/0] Actors & Movie Critics Contributor to MSNBC.
49 Mike Lupica 1 [1/0/0] News Media Lupica writes a column on sports and politics for the New York Daily News.
50 Aunt Mabel 1 [0/0/1] Everyday Joes Toothless, but Ruthless.
51 Barron's Magazine 1 [0/0/1] Stock Market Analysts Barron's is a magazine that focuses on finance.
52 Fortune Magazine 1 [0/1/0] Stock Market Analysts Finance Magazine
53 People Magazine 3 [2/1/0] News Media Weekly magazine
54 TV Guide Magazine 1 [1/0/0] News Media Weekly publication covering entertainment news and celebrities
55 Wired Magazine 12 [0/0/12] News Media Technology magazine
56 Dan Marino 2 [1/1/0] News Media A regular commentator on "Inside the NFL," a weekly show on HBO.
57 Jay Mariotti 1 [1/0/0] Sports Media Jay is a sports writer for the Chicago Sun Times.
58 Chris Matthews 1 [0/0/1] News Media Host of Hardball on MSNBC and The Chris Matthews Show
59 Dan McDougall 32 [13/17/2] Everyday Joes A Linux/Security geek who blogs at
60 John McLaughlin 4 [1/1/2] News Media Host of the weekly political commentary show The McLaughlin Group
61 Bob Metcalfe 1 [0/1/0] Corporate Executives Bob invented ethernet and founded 3Com corporation.
62 François Mitterrand 1 [0/1/0] Politicians President of France in May 1981, re-elected in 1988 and held office until 1995.
63 JP Morgan 1 [0/0/1] Stock Market Analysts JP Morgan is an investment bank/brokerage house.
64 Chris Mortensen 7 [3/4/0] Sports Media Chris is an NFL analyst for ESPN.
65 Paul Murphy 2 [0/0/2] News Media Paul is a blogger on
66 Nathan Myhrvold 1 [0/1/0] Corporate Executives Microsoft's former chief technology officer
67 Paige Newman 1 [0/1/0] Actors & Movie Critics Paige Newman is the Movies Editor at
68 Jay Novacek 6 [5/1/0] Sports Media Jay Novacek is a former NFL tight end who played for the Dallas Cowboys and St. Louis Cardinals. He's a five-time pro bowler and now makes NFL game predictions on
69 Norah O'Donnell 2 [0/0/2] News Media Chief Washington Correspondent for NBC
70 JW Ogden 1 [0/0/0] Everyday Joes Me
71 Ken Olson 1 [0/1/0] Corporate Executives President, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp (DEC).
72 Norm Ornstein 1 [1/0/0] News Media Ornstein, Resident Scholar of the American Enterprise Institute, made the following prediction on a guest appearance on The McLaughlin Group:
73 Clarence Page 1 [0/0/1] News Media Columnist for the Chicago Tribune
74 Regis Philbin 1 [1/0/0] Other Celebrated talk show host.
75 Pete Prisco 4 [2/2/0] Sports Handicappers Pete Prisco is a CBS Senior Writer, focusing on the NFL. Pete predicts the outcome of football games each week of the NFL season, both straight-up and against the spread.
76 Michael Riedel 2 [0/0/2] News Media Theater columnist, New York Post newspaper
77 Pat Robertson 1 [0/0/1] Other Nutjob TV Preacher, host of the 700 club
78 Kim Ruehl 2 [1/1/0] Musicians Music guru of
79 Chris Mad Dog Russo 1 [1/0/0] Sports Media Co-host of WFAN sports show
80 Sean Salisbury 2 [1/1/0] Sports Media Sean is an NFL analyst for ESPN.
81 Mark Schlereth 1 [0/1/0] Sports Media Mark is a sports analyst for ESPN.
82 Felix Scott 1 [0/0/0] Everyday Joes I am 61 and will be 62 if I live to see November 2012. I will be applying for Social Security at 75% of what is due to me at 62.
83 Heise Security 2 [0/0/2] News Media Heise Security is a website focused on computer security, viruses, malware, trojans, etc. Located at
84 Bill Simmons 4 [1/3/0] Sports Media Bill is a sports writer for and ESPN The Magazine. A huge Boston sports fan, he has a massive following due to his hilarious stories and quirky style. A fan's fan.
85 Ben Smith 5 [0/1/4] Sports Media Ben Smith has been covering sports in Fort Wayne, Indiana, since 1986. He writes for the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette.
86 Morgan Stanley 1 [0/0/1] Stock Market Analysts Morgan Stanley is a massive bank.
87 Rick Telander 1 [1/0/0] Sports Media Rick is a sports writer for the Chicago Sun Times.
88 Margaret Thatcher 1 [0/1/0] Politicians Former Prime minister of Great Britain.
89 Joe Theismann 5 [3/2/0] Sports Media Game announcer for ESPN and former Redskins quarterback.
90 Chuck Todd 1 [1/0/0] News Media Editor-in-Chief of "The Hotline" and frequent political analyst on MSNBC's "Hardball."
91 Chicago Tribune 1 [1/0/0] News Media The Chicago Tribune is a well-respected right-leaning newspaper based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Their website is
92 Cynthia Tucker 1 [0/0/1] News Media Editorial Page Editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
93 Miki Turner 1 [1/0/0] Other Freelance writer/producer in Los Angeles
94 Thomas Watson 1 [0/1/0] Corporate Executives Former Chairman of IBM
95 CIBC World Markets 1 [0/0/1] Stock Market Analysts CIBC World Markets is a large bank providing stock analyst services, among other things.
96 Mort Zuckerman 1 [1/0/0] News Media Editor-in-Chief of U.S. News & World Report and regular panelist on The McLaughlin Group

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