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Accountability for prediction makers

Accountability for Prediction-makers

Pundits, politicians, sportscasters, and stock analysts constantly make forecasts about the future and will tout their success when they do so. There's no shortage of people making predictions these days. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of accountability for these people. Predictions that are incorrect usually are ignored and forgotten. brings transparency and visibility into the field of prediction-making.

Note: This site is new and just launched in mid December 2006. You can help make the site popular by entering predictions people are making! Also, know that we're adding lots of new features to the site daily. Thanks for stopping by.

New -- Update the outcome of your own predictions

Posted Jan 21, 2007 by alex

You can now update the outcome of predictions that you've previously entered into the site. On your user/account page, you'll see an [Update this] link next to any pending predictions. So you don't have to email me with the results of a prediction any more :).

NFL Playoff Roundup

Posted Jan 21, 2007 by alex

The NFL Playoffs are obviously in full swing, with the NFC & AFC Championship games being played today in Chicago and Indianapolis. The prognosticators are blasting the airwaves and the internet with every kind of prediction they can possibly make.

We'll be tracking these predictions on Who's Enter in other predictions you hear!

Most Viewed People (or view all)
Name # Predictions   Group
Sports Illustrated 31   [1/0/30] Sports Media
Albert Einstein 2   [0/1/0] Scientists
ESPN Accuscore 9   [5/4/0] Sports Media
Bill Gates 5   [1/3/1] Corporate Executives
Lee Corso 5   [1/3/1] Sports Media
People with most predictions
Name # Predictions   Group
Dan McDougall 32   [13/17/2] Everyday Joes
Sports Illustrated 31   [1/0/30] Sports Media
David Carr 16   [12/4/0] News Media
Wired Magazine 12   [0/0/12] News Media
Jeff Burchell 11   [2/0/9] Other
Best Predictors (minimum 3 predictions)
Name % Right  # Predictions   Group
Sports Illustrated 100% 31   [1/0/30] Sports Media
Jeff Burchell 100% 11   [2/0/9] Other
Jay Novacek 83% 6   [5/1/0] Sports Media
David Carr 75% 16   [12/4/0] News Media
Joe Theismann 60% 5   [3/2/0] Sports Media
Worst Predictors (minimum 3 predictions)
Name % Right  # Predictions   Group
Ben Smith 0% 5   [0/1/4] Sports Media
Lee Corso 25% 5   [1/3/1] Sports Media
Bill Simmons 25% 4   [1/3/0] Sports Media
Bill Gates 25% 5   [1/3/1] Corporate Executives
Mike Golic 40% 5   [2/3/0] Sports Media

Most Recent Predictions Entered Into Who's Wrong
Name   Group   Prediction Outcome   Creator  
safdar faisal Other South Africa will top the LeaderBoard on the ICC Batting. Right safdar (2)
JW Ogden Everyday Joes AGW will be at the lower end of the IPCC predictions through 2015 Pending (2)
Felix Scott Everyday Joes The rules for retirees will be changed before I turn 62. Pending flextones (2)
Marco Ciavolino Politicians Someday I will run a successful company. Wrong rapture9999 (1)
Marco Ciavolino Politicians In the waning days of the 08 presidential election the Republicans will demonstrate the frailty of the Dem platform and sweep the Whitehouse and hill.... Wrong Bucinka (2)
Albert Einstein Scientists Film would make boys love school Wrong dneuman (1)
Bryce James Everyday Joes Michael Turner will rush for over 15 tds and 1500 yards, San Fran will finish with top five in interceptions, Thomas Jones will finish with at least 1... Pending CALMINCENTZ (2)
Cris Collinsworth News Media washington redskins stood no chance of making the playoffs Wrong cwreich (1)
Patrick Enright News Media ...bottom line is ... the film will disappoint everyone, from hard-core fans of the show (yours truly) to casual viewers. Pending cibershok (1)
Marco Ciavolino Politicians In the waning days of the '08 presidential election the Republicans will demonstrate the frailty of the Dem platform and sweep the Whitehouse and hill... Pending mciavolino (2)

Enter your own predictions! And predictions made by others!


Memorable Prediction

The Ohio State bandwagon won't be crowded for long in 2006. - Lee Corso, 2006-07-15
Outcome: Wrong
Ohio State rolled through the regular season and is playing for the national championship.